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About me

My name is James Avila and I am a comic artist from New York. I've been drawing and reading comics for just about as long as I can remember but it was around 2013 that I decided to focus on persuing a career in comics full time. During this time, I brought my portfolio to as many local conventions as I could in order to gain advice from professionals in the industry and hone my craft. 


 Since then I have been a part of several published works from other indie creators, as well as self publishing the first four issues of my creator owned book titled "All I Have to do is Dream" through Comixology, my Etsy store, conventions in the tri-state area, and local comic shops.


I am looking forward to working on many other projects in the future and am excited to create art and stories that many people can enjoy. 

A little bit more about myself, I attended college for Fine Art and Art Education, receiving a BFA and MS in the subjects respectively. After graduating I was a public school art teacher for several years while building my comic book resume until in 2017 I took the plunge to be a freelance artist full time. I'm still teaching part time at the One River Art School in Woodbury NY.


Be sure to follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr by clicking the icons in the menu, I'd love to hear from anyone who visits!

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